E17 25ft Commercial Light String White & LED G50

Explain :
Detailed :
  • Comes with 25 of the LED G50 premium warm white bulbs (0.6 watts each).
  • Temperature color of 2700k - 2800k.
  • Bulb size: 2” diameter and 2.75” high (with base).
  • Average bulb life: 30,000 hours.
  • Bulbs are non-dimmable.
  • 15” spacing between sockets. 25 sockets per cord. One foot lead and tail wire.
  • End-to-end connection. Max run is 1200 watts. You can plug 100 strands together using the LED G50 Premium (0.6 watt) bulbs.
  • If one bulb burns out, the rest stay lit.
  • Manufactured with 16-gauge wire and high-quality sockets.
  • PVC socket forms a tight weatherproof seal around the bulb.
  • Indoor or outdoor use. Suitable for permanent, outdoor installation.  You must keep a bulb in every socket to maintain weatherproof quality.
  • Assembly required. Bulbs will need to be screwed in.